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Are you looking for Hunter Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

To keep up with optimum vehicle performance, on-road safety, and fuel efficiency, it is crucial to opt for wheel alignment service every 5,000 to 6,000 miles.

So, if you are looking for “wheel alignment near me”, end your searches with Central Tyres Walsall. We are a dependable car service centre, offering hunter wheel alignment Walsall at cost-effective rates.

Our dedicated team of technicians receives extensive training to stay updated with the latest techniques to realign your vehicle's faulty axle geometry without taking much time.

For hunter wheel alignment Walsall, our experts use the advanced Hunter Technology to detect your car’s misaligned wheel angles for accuracy. This includes a detailed assessment of the following wheel angles:

Caster: It is formed by the angular displacement of the steering axis from the vertical axis. Any discrepancy with this angle hampers steering responsiveness and leads to crooked steering.

Camber: It is formed between the vertical axis of your car wheels and the car itself when viewed from the front. If this angle is incorrect, you may find it difficult to accelerate. This also increases tread wear.

Toe: When seen from a bird-eye view, the angle between your car wheels and its longitudinal axis is called the toe angle. It is responsible for driving stability. Thus, if misaligned, your car may pull in one direction.

Why Opt For Hunter Wheel Alignment?

The Hunter patented HawkEye Elite tool consists of 4 digital cameras, sensors and innovative QuickGrip adaptors to diagnose the caster, toe, and camber angles. It helps us identify the discrepancies within 90 seconds and complete the 4 Wheel Hunter Alignment Walsall in no time.

This ensures:

Efficient Rolling Compensation

Our professionals use the Hunter patented QuickComp technology to examine any wheel rim mounting error. Unlike the regular compensation techniques in which technicians perform a complete 360-degree wheel rotation for accurate readings, our experts get accurate measurements in just one roll forward, thanks to the QuickComp technology.

Precise Measurements And Lightweight Construction

The QuickGrip adaptor is lightweight with a durable construction, making it convenient for our experts. Moreover, the QuickGrip adaptors use a spring-loaded arm to hold the tyres. This prevents any metal-to-metal contact and thus avoids any rim damage. Furthermore, since it uses a thumb switch to secure the clamp, it ensures accurate measurements.

Resetting Of Vehicle Sensors

Our experts employ state-of-the-art WinAlign Wheel Alignment Software to understand your car-specific OEM procedures to reset the wheel sensors. This software uses the CodeLink hardware device to receive real-time and detailed data to ensure hassle-free completion.

But, that’s not all!

Our technicians will also reset the Steering Angle Sensors (SAS) using the HawkEye Elite CodeLink system for uninterrupted driving comfort.

Therefore, always rely on our specialist hunter wheel alignment centre Walsall to get comprehensive solutions. Our professionals determine the nature of angular deviation and then continue with the required course of action.

Furthermore, we facilitate the convenience of booking an appointment online to help you skip long queues at our garage. To do so, go to the “Car Services” option on the home page and fill in the necessary details. Then, choose a time and date and visit us at 29 John St, Walsall WS2 8AF.

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